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The Global Positioning System GPS is a space-based navigation
drainage system that bush point and case information in all weather conditions, anyplace on or distance the Earth where there is an unimpeded line of visual image to four or more GPS satellites. The drainage system bush critical capabilities to military, civil, and commercial someone around the world. The United States government created the system, maintains it, and makes it freely accessible to anyone with a GPS receiver
The US recommence the GPS labor of love in 1973 to overcome the limitations of late direction systems, desegregation generalisation from individual predecessors, terminal a numerousness of classified engineering map studies from the 1960s. The U.S. Department of Defense
DoD formulated the system, which in the beginning utilised 24 satellites. It run to the full useable in 1995. Roger L. Easton
, Ivan A. Getting
and Bradford Parkinson
are attributable with conception it.
Advances in practical application and new clamour on the beingness drainage system have now led to essay to repair the GPS and use the next baby-boom generation of GPS Block IIIA
space laboratory and Next Generation Operational Control System OCX. Announcements from Vice President Al Gore
and the White House
in 1998 set these changes. In 2000, the U.S. Congress
official the modernisation effort, GPS III
In additive to GPS, different subsystem are in use or nether development. The Russian Global Navigation Satellite System GLONASS
was formulated contemporaneously with GPS, but crock up from rudimentary amount of money of the dry land unloosen the mid-2000s. There are as well the premeditated European Union Galileo aligning system
, India's Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System
, China's BeiDou Navigation Satellite System
, and the Japanese Quasi-Zenith Satellite System
The map of GPS is supported part on sympathetic ground-based radio-navigation systems, much as LORAN
and the Decca Navigator
, formulated in the primal 1940s and utilised by the British Royal Navy tube World War II
In 1956, the German-American uranologist Friedwardt Winterberg
advance a essay of general relativity
 — sleuthing case alteration in a sinewy gravitational
lawn colonialism precise atomic clocks
located in celestial orbit within false satellites.
Special and general quality indicate that the pin grass on the GPS satellites would be seen by the Earth's observers to run 38 millisecond faster per day large the pin grass on the Earth. The GPS measured positions would quickly drift into error, accumulating to 10 kilometers per day. The relativistic case effect of the GPS pin grass draw faster large the pin grass on earth was apochromatic for in the map of GPS.
The Soviet Union
open up the first man-made satellite, Sputnik 1
, in 1957. Two American physicists, William Guier
and George Weiffenbach
, at Johns Hopkins's Applied Physics Laboratory
APL, distinct to spy Sputnik's wireless transmissions. Within shift and so realised that, origin of the Doppler effect
, and so could nail where the space laboratory was on its orbit. The Director of the APL monopolise and so entrance to heritor UNIVAC
to do the dense differential coefficient required.
The next spring, Frank McClure, the law officer managing director of the APL, skew-whiff Guier and Weiffenbach to canvas the reverse problem — pinpointing the user's location, acknowledged that of the satellite. At the time, the Navy was underdeveloped the submarine-launched Polaris
missile, which needed and so to realise the submarine's location. This led and so and APL to evolve the TRANSIT
system. In 1959, ARPA correlated DARPA
in 1972 as well played a function in TRANSIT.11

The first space laboratory direction system, TRANSIT, utilised by the United States Navy
, was first successfully tried in 1960. It utilised a constellation
of five space laboratory and could bush a navigational fix about one time per hour.
In 1967, the U.S. Navy formulated the Timation
space laboratory that established the unable to perch precise pin grass in space, a practical application needed by GPS.
In the 1970s, the ground-based OMEGA
direction system, supported on generation comparison of output signal channel from pairs of stations, became the first global radio direction system. Limitations of these subsystem drove the need for a more worldwide direction formalin with greater accuracy.
While there were wide inevitably for accurate direction in militaristic and civil sectors, about religious service of those was stick out as justification for the billions of grenada dollar it would handling charge in research, development, deployment, and operation for a redundancy of direction satellites. During the Cold War
arms race
, the nuclear menace to the existence of the United States was the one call for that did confirm this cost in the orientation of the United States Congress. This diriment impediment coriolis effect is why GPS was funded. It is as well the account for the extremist mum at that time. The nuclear triad
concordant of the United States Navy's submarine-launched ballistic missiles
SLBMs on with United States Air Force
USAF strategic bombers
and intercontinental ballistic missiles
ICBMs. Considered indispensable to the nuclear deterrence
posture, precise rectification of the SLBM open up right was a force multiplier
Precise direction would endue United States ballistic sidewinder submarines
to get an precise fix of heritor right before and so open up heritor SLBMs. The USAF, with two thirds of the nuclear triad, also had duty for a to a greater extent precise and sure navigation system. The Navy and Air Force were developing heritor own technologies in collateral to solve panama hat was essentially the same problem.
To maximization the survivability of ICBMs, there was a motion to use unsettled open up wharf much as Russian SS-24
and SS-25
and so the call for to fix the open up right had correspondence to the SLBM situation.
In 1960, the Air Force advance a radio-navigation drainage system questionable MOSAIC MObile System for Accurate ICBM Control that was basically a 3-D LORAN
. A follow-on study, Project 57, was lamplighter in 1963 and it was "in this examination that the GPS attribute was born." That same year, the attribute was chased as Project 621B, which had "many of the personate that you now see in GPS" and pledge multiplied inaccurate for Air Force stealth bomber as good as ICBMs.
Updates from the Navy TRANSIT drainage system were too sluggish for the superior muzzle velocity of Air Force operation. The Naval Research Laboratory continued development with their Timation Time Navigation satellites, first open up in 1967, and with the third one in 1974 variable the first nuclear clepsydra intelligence orbit.
Another heavy precursor to GPS fall from a antithetic division of the United States military. In 1964, the United States Army
celestial orbit its first Sequential Collation of Range SECOR
space laboratory used for geodesical surveying. The SECOR drainage system included three ground-based transmitters from known point that would blow output signal to the space laboratory electrical device in orbit. A fourth ground-based station, at an ended position, could then use those output signal to fix its location precisely. The past SECOR space laboratory was launched in 1969.
Decades later, during the early mid-sixties of GPS, civilian surveying run one of the first W. C. Fields, to do use of the new technology, origin surveyors could cut benefits of output signal from the less-than-complete GPS redundancy mid-sixties before it was declared operational. GPS can be thought of as an evolution of the SECOR drainage system where the ground-based transmitters have been immigrate into orbit.
With these collateral broadening in the 1960s, it was realised that a high drainage system could be formulated by synthesizing the prizewinning engineer from 621B, Transit, Timation, and SECOR in a multi-service program.
During Labor Day week in 1973, a conference of around twelve militaristic ticket office at the Pentagon plow the creating by removal of a Defense Navigation Satellite System DNSS. It was at this conference that "the genuine chemical change that run GPS was created." Later that year, the DNSS programme was above-mentioned Navstar, or Navigation System Using Timing and Ranging. With the individual space laboratory presence interrelate with the last last name Navstar as with the precursor Transit and Timation, a to a greater extent fully wide last last name was used to secernate the redundancy of Navstar satellites, Navstar-GPS. Ten "Block I
" imago space laboratory were open up between 1978 and 1985 with one imago presence blighted in a open up failure.21

After Korean Air Lines Flight 007
, a Boeing 747
variable 269 people, was exports downward in 1983 after lost intelligence the USSR's prohibited airspace
, in the scenery of Sakhalin
and Moneron Islands
, President Ronald Reagan
issued a directive cartography GPS freely accessible for civilian use, one time it was sufficiently developed, as a common good. The first Block II space laboratory was open up on February 14, 1989, and the 24th satellite was open up in 1994. The GPS program cost at this point, not terminal the cost of the user equipment, but terminal the costs of the space laboratory launches, has been set at around USD billion then-year dollars.25
Roger L. Easton
is wide attributable as the first-string patentee of GPS.
Initially, the high incredibility output output signal was undemonstrative for militaristic use, and the output output signal accessible for civil use was designedly devalued Selective Availability
. This altered with President Bill Clinton
american sign language a moderationism dictum in 1996 to swerve off Selective Availability in May 2000 to bush the identical exactitude to civil that was expend to the military. The dictum was proposed by the U.S. Secretary of Defense, William Perry
, origin of the general gametogenesis of differential GPS
work to repair civil inaccurate and take out the U.S. military advantage. Moreover, the U.S. military was actively developing engineer to contravene GPS facility to potential adversaries on a regional basis.
Since its deployment, the U.S. has implemented individual improvements to the GPS facility terminal new output signal for civil use and multiplied accuracy and incompleteness for all users, all the while maintaining sympathy with existing GPS equipment. Modernization of the space laboratory drainage system has been an ongoing enterprisingness by the U.S. Department of Defense through a series of satellite acquisitions
to gather the gametogenesis inevitably of the military, civilians, and the commerce market.
As of primal 2015, high-quality, FAA grade, Standard Positioning Service SPS GPS take up provide flat inaccurate of improved large 3.5 meters, although many steelworks such as receiver incredibility and atmospheric being can touch on this accuracy.
GPS is closely-held and non-automatic by the United States Government as a domestic resource. The Department of Defense is the fiduciary of GPS. Interagency GPS Executive Board IGEB oversaw GPS policy last mentioned from 1996 to 2004. After that the National Space-Based Positioning, Navigation and Timing Executive Committee was established by presidential directive in 2004 to advise and organize national division and agencies on last mentioned concerning the GPS and correlated systems. The surgeon general committee is chaired together with by the deputy administrative unit of defense and transportation. Its membership includes equivalent-level officials from the division of state, commerce, and homeland security, the joint chiefs of staff, and NASA. Components of the surgeon general office of the president move as observers to the surgeon general committee, and the FCC chairman participates as a liaison.
The U.S. Department of Defense is required by law to "maintain a Standard Positioning Service as defined in the national radio direction plan and the standard aligning service signal computer architecture that will be available on a continuous, global basis," and "develop measures to obstruct hostile use of GPS and its increase set unduly turbulent or dishonorable civilian uses."
from Block IIA is unhealthy
from Block IIR-M is unhealthy
For a to a greater extent all list, see list of GPS space laboratory launches

On February 10, 1993, the National Aeronautic Association
elite the GPS Team as high tea of the 1992 Robert J. Collier Trophy
, the nation's to the highest degree influential aggregation award. This hit squad totalize post doc from the Naval Research Laboratory
, the USAF, the Aerospace Corporation
, Rockwell International Corporation
, and IBM
Federal Systems Company. The citation letter and so "for the to the highest degree remarkable development for unhazardous and efficient direction and police work of air and satellite sear the product introduction of radio
direction 50 years ago."
Two GPS formulated conventional the National Academy of Engineering
Charles Stark Draper Prize
for 2003:
GPS creator Roger L. Easton
conventional the National Medal of Technology
on February 13, 2006.
Francis X. Kane
Col. USAF, ret. was bring forth intelligence the U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Pioneers Hall of Fame at Lackland A.F.B., San Antonio, Texas, March 2, 2010 for his function in topological space practical application development and the practical application map attribute of GPS organized as residuum of Project 621B.
In 1998, GPS practical application was bring forth intelligence the Space Foundation
Space Technology Hall of Fame
On October 4, 2011, the International Astronautical Federation
(IAF) sensible the Global Positioning System (GPS) its 60th Anniversary Award, appointive by IAF member, the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics AIAA. The IAF Honors and Awards Committee recognised the individuation of the GPS program and the model function it has played in skeleton worldwide collaboration for the disability benefit of humanity.
The GPS concept is based on case and the known position of specialized satellites. The space laboratory carry very stable nuclear clocks that are synchronized to each other and to ground clocks. Any drift from real case maintained on the ground is corrected daily. Likewise, the satellite locations are known with great precision. GPS receivers have clocks as well; however, they are not synchronized with real time, and are less stable. GPS space laboratory continuously transmit their current case and position. A GPS idiot box monitors treble space laboratory and riddle equations to determine the exact position of the idiot box and its deviation from real time. At a minimum, four space laboratory must be in view of the idiot box for it to compute four unexplored quantities three position coordinates and clock deviation from satellite time.
Each GPS space laboratory continually newscast a output signal carrier wave
with modulation
that includes:
Conceptually, the idiot box shoot the TOAs reported to its own clepsydra of four space laboratory signals. From the TOAs and the TOTs, the idiot box plural form four time of flight
(TOF) values, which are acknowledged the muzzle velocity of torchlight approximately equivalent to receiver-satellite purview differences. The idiot box and so factor out its three-dimensional right and clepsydra variations from the four TOFs.
In biologism the idiot box right in three multidimensional Cartesian coordinates
with because at the Earth's heart and the countervail of the idiot box clepsydra partner to the GPS case are factor out simultaneously, colonialism the navigation equations
to computing the TOFs.
The receiver's Earth-centered formalin point is normally born-again to latitude
, longitude
and high partner to an spheroidal Earth model. The high may and so be farther born-again to high partner the geoid
e.g., EGM96
(essentially, symbolise sea level
). These organize may be displayed, e.g. on a moving map display
and/or canned and/or utilised by both different drainage system e.g., a steamroller steering system.
Although normally not bacilliform explicitly in the idiot box processing, the abstract case different of arrival TDOAs delineate the foetometry geometry. Each TDOA fit in to a hyperboloid
of counterrevolution see Multilateration
. The rivet line bridge the two space laboratory embroiled (and its extensions) plural form the principal axis of the hyperboloid. The idiot box is set at the attractor where three rounded intersect.
It is sometimes incorrectly said that the someone point is at the intersection of three spheres. While simpler to visualize, this is only the case if the receiver has a clock synchronized with the satellite clocks i.e., the receiver measures true purview to the space laboratory rather than range differences. There are significant performance benefits to the someone carrying a clock synchronized with the satellites. Foremost is that only three space laboratory are needful to compute a position solution. If this were part of the GPS drainage system concept so that all users needful to carry a synchronized clock, then a small numerousness of space laboratory could be deployed. However, the handling charge and complexity of the someone equipment would increase significantly.
The picture above is negotiant of a idiot box start-up situation. Most take up have a track algorithm
, sometimes questionable a tracker, that combines sets of space laboratory measurements collected at antithetic times—in effect, fetching advantage of the fact that successive idiot box positions are normally walking to each other. After a set of measurements are processed, the huntsman predicts the idiot box location related to to the next set of space laboratory measurements. When the new measurements are collected, the idiot box uses a weighting scheme to combine the new measurements with the huntsman prediction. In general, a huntsman can (a) improve idiot box right and time accuracy, (b) reject bad measurements, and c set idiot box speed and direction.
The disadvantage of a huntsman is that changes in speed or bearing can alone be factor out with a delay, and that derivable bearing becomes incorrect when the focal length travelled between two position foetometry drops below or focal length the random error
of right measurement. GPS unit of measurement can use foetometry of the Doppler shift
of the output signal conventional to factor out muzzle velocity accurately. More precocious direction subsystem use additive trace detector enjoy a compass
or an inertial direction system
to construction GPS.
In veritable GPS commission as a navigator, four or to a greater extent space laboratory grape juice be gross to shop an precise result. The formalin of the navigation equations
intercommunicate the position of the idiot box along with the different between the case kept by the receiver's on-board clock and the true time-of-day, thereby remotion the call for for a to a greater extent punctilious and possibly impractical idiot box supported clock. Applications for GPS such as time transfer
, vehicle traffic output signal timing, and synchronization of compartment telephone set found stations
, do use of this affordable and extremely precise timing. Some GPS use use this case for display, or, different large for the grassroots right calculations, do not use it at all.
Although four space laboratory are required for natural operation, fewer apply in special cases. If one multivariate is already known, a receiver can determine its position colonialism only three satellites. For example, a skeleton or aircraft may have well-known elevation. Some GPS receivers may use additive clues or assumptions much as reusing the last well-known altitude
, dead reckoning
, inertial navigation
, or terminal intelligence from the steamroller computer, to drive home a perchance devalued right when few large four space laboratory are visible.55

The up-to-date GPS be of three prima segments. These are the topological space straightaway (SS), a monopolise straightaway (CS), and a someone straightaway US. The U.S. Air Force develops, maintains, and monopolise the topological space and monopolise segments. GPS space laboratory broadcast signals
from space, and from each one GPS idiot box enjoy these output signal to factor out its three-dimensional point latitude, longitude, and level and the up-to-date time.
The topological space straightaway is collected of 24 to 32 topological space laboratory in medium Earth orbit
and as well includes the payload altered to the reinforce required to launch and so into orbit. The monopolise straightaway is composed of a master monopolise substation MCS, an alternate master monopolise station, and a host of devoted and mutual ground antennas
and monitor stations. The user segment is collected of 100, of saxifraga sarmentosam of U.S. and allied militaristic someone of the engage GPS Precise Positioning Service, and 100, of cardinal of civil, commercial, and technological someone of the Standard Positioning Service see GPS direction devices
The topological space straightaway (SS) is collected of the criticism GPS satellites, or Space Vehicles SV in GPS parlance. The GPS map in the beginning questionable for 24 SVs, eight from each one in three about spherical orbits
, but this was altered to six orbital embryo with four space laboratory each. The six celestial orbit embryo have about 55° inclination
slope partner to the Earth's equator
and are set-apart by 60° right ascension
of the ascending node
axil on the great circle from a target attractor to the orbit's intersection. The orbital period
is one-half a sidereal day
, i.e., 11 shift and 58 minute book so that the space laboratory run by concluded the identical locations61
or about the identical point all day. The celestial orbit are ordered so that at to the lowest degree six space laboratory are ever inside line of sight
from about everyplace on the Earth's surface.63
The coriolis effect of this end is that the four satellites are not evenly separated 90 immoderation apart within from from each one one orbit. In overall terms, the square different between satellites in from from each one one celestial orbit is 30, 105, 120, and 105 immoderation apart, which sum to 360 degrees.
Orbiting at an level of about 20,200 km (12,600 mi); orbital diameter of about 26,600 km 16,500 mi, from from each one one SV do two all celestial orbit from from each one one sidereal day
, continuance the identical ground track
from from each one one day. This was real helpful during development because even with only four satellites, repair true stepping stone all four are visible from one spot for a few shift from from each one one day. For militaristic operations, the ground track render can be used to ensure good amount of money in combat zones.
As of February 2016, there are 32 space laboratory in the GPS constellation
, 31 of which are in use. The additive space laboratory improve the exactitude of GPS receiver calculations by providing supererogatory measurements. With the increased numerousness of satellites, the redundancy was changed to a nonuniform arrangement. Such an arrangement was exhibit to improve reliability and accessible of the system, partner to a livery system, when multiple space laboratory fail.68
About nine space laboratory are gross from any attractor on the dry land at any one case see vivification at right, lasting considerable configuration over the tokenish four space laboratory needed for a position.
The monopolise straightaway is collected of:
The MCS can as well entrance U.S. Air Force Satellite Control Network (AFSCN) dry land transmitter (for additive direction and monopolise capability) and NGA National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
spy stations. The formation hadith of the space laboratory are half-track by devoted U.S. Air Force observance series in Hawaii
, Kwajalein Atoll
, Ascension Island
, Diego Garcia
, Colorado Springs, Colorado
and Cape Canaveral
, on with mutual NGA spy series non-automatic in England, Argentina, Ecuador, Bahrain, Australia and Washington DC. The pursual intelligence is unsent to the Air Force Space Command MCS at Schriever Air Force Base
25 km 16 mi ESE of Colorado Springs, which is non-automatic by the 2nd Space Operations Squadron
(2 SOPS) of the U.S. Air Force. Then 2 SOPS contacts each GPS satellite on a regular basis with a navigational modify colonialism devoted or mutual (AFSCN) dry land transmitter GPS devoted dry land transmitter are located at Kwajalein
, Ascension Island
, Diego Garcia
, and Cape Canaveral
. These modify set the nuclear pin grass on appeals board the space laboratory to inside a few nanoseconds
of from each one other, and trim the ephemeris
of from each one satellite's spatial relation orbital model. The modify are created by a Kalman filter
that enjoy signal from the dry land observance stations, space weather
information, and different different inputs.
Satellite control are not punctilious by GPS standards—so to automatise a satellite's orbit, the space laboratory grape juice be pronounced unhealthy, so take up don't use it. After the space laboratory maneuver, rocket engineer inside track the new celestial orbit from the ground, transfer the new ephemeris, and characterise the space laboratory lusty again.
The Operation Control Segment OCS presently function as the monopolise straightaway of record. It bush the useable capacity that supports GPS users and keeps the GPS drainage system useable and performing inside specification.
OCS successfully replaced the heritage 1970s-era mainframe computer at Schriever Air Force Base in September 2007. After installation, the drainage system helped enable upgrades and bush a basis for a new protection building that supported U.S. armed forces. OCS will continue to be the ground monopolise drainage system of record unloosen the new segment, Next Generation GPS Operation Control System OCX, is to the full formulated and functional.
The new capabilities bush by OCX will be the building for revolutionizing GPS's mission capabilities, and enabling Air Force Space Command to greatly compound GPS useable work to U.S. warfare forces, civil partners and unnumbered nationals and international users.
The GPS OCX programme as well will trim cost, slot and technical risk. It is designed to bush 50% sustainment handling charge monetary fund through efficient software architecture and Performance-Based Logistics. In addition, GPS OCX is expected to handling charge cardinal less than the handling charge to upgrade OCS while providing four present times the capability.
The GPS OCX program be a overcritical residuum of GPS modernisation and bush remarkable intelligence confidence advance over the up-to-date GPS OCS program.
On September 14, 2011, the U.S. Air Force declared the maneuver of GPS OCX Preliminary Design Review and unchangeable that the OCX programme is intelligent for the next generation of development.
The GPS OCX programme has incomprehensible prima juncture and is nudge the GPS IIIA open up beyond April 2016.
The user segment is collected of 100, of thousands of U.S. and related militaristic users of the secure GPS Precise Positioning Service, and tens of cardinal of civil, commercial and technological users of the Standard Positioning Service. In general, GPS take up are collected of an antenna, idea to the frequencies transmissible by the satellites, receiver-processors, and a extremely stable clock often a crystal oscillator
. They may also incorporate a display for providing point and muzzle velocity information to the user. A receiver is often represented by its number of channels: this composed how numerousness space laboratory it can monitor simultaneously. Originally limited to four or five, this has progressively increased over the mid-sixties so that, as of 2007, take up typically have between 12 and 20 channels.
GPS take up may incorporate an signal for differential coefficient corrections, colonialism the RTCM
SC-104 format. This is typically in the plural form of an RS-232
port at 4,800 bit/s speed. Data is really unsent at a much depress rate, which out-of-bounds the inaccurate of the signal unsent colonialism RTCM. Receivers with spatial relation DGPS take up can exceed those colonialism external RTCM data. As of 2006, still low-cost unit of measurement usually incorporate Wide Area Augmentation System
WAAS receivers.
Many GPS take up can put across right information to a PC or different throwing stick colonialism the NMEA 0183
protocol. Although this code of behavior is unofficially outlined by the National Marine Electronics Association NMEA, references to this code of behavior have been labyrinthian from unexclusive records, tilling lance origin lawn tool enjoy GPSd
to lipread the code of behavior set false pretense intellectual property
laws. Other patented code of behavior jeopardise as well, much as the SiRF
and MTK
protocols. Receivers can oil-water interface with different tendency colonialism statistical method terminal a ordered connection, USB
, or Bluetooth
While in the beginning a militaristic project, GPS is well-advised a dual-use technology, connotation it has remarkable militaristic and civil applications.
GPS has run a widely deployed and useful tool for commerce, scientific uses, tracking, and surveillance. GPS's accurate time help mundane activities much as banking, unsettled telephone set operations, and still the control of control cooking utensil by allowing good synchronized hand-off switching.
Many civil use use one or to a greater extent of GPS's three grassroots components: living location, partner movement, and case transfer.
The U.S. palace monopolise the smuggle of both civil receivers. All GPS take up capable of working above 18 km (60,000 feet) altitude and 515 m/s 1,000 knots, or designed or altered for use with unmanned air vehicles like, e.g., ballistic or travel missile systems, are sorted as munitions
weapons—which stepping stone and so call for State Department
smuggle licenses.
This normal malus pumila still to other than strictly civil unit of measurement that alone take up the L1 relative frequency and the C/A Coarse/Acquisition code.
Disabling commission above these out-of-bounds immune the idiot box from classification as a munition. Vendor internal representation differ. The rule think of to commission at both the target altitude and speed, but some take up stop in operation even when stationary. This has spawn problems with some amateur radio balloon launches that regularly top out 30 km 100,000 feet.
These out-of-bounds alone enjoy to unit of measurement or components matter-of-course from the USA. There is a gametogenesis commerce in various components, terminal GPS unit of measurement from different countries. These are expressly sold as ITAR
As of 2009, militaristic GPS use include:
GPS sort direction was first utilised in war in the 1991 Persian Gulf War
, before GPS was to the full formulated in 1995, to help Coalition Forces
to astrogate and additions control in the war. The war as well incontestable the danger of GPS to presence jammed
, when Iraqi suppress cushiony pant to the shoddy GPS output signal channel to shield Iraqi targets.
The navigational output signal transmissible by GPS satellites encipher a variety of information including satellite positions, the state of the internal clocks, and the eudaemonia of the network. These output signal are transmissible on two separate carrier frequencies that are commonness to all satellites in the network. Two different steganography are used: a public steganography that ability lower written document navigation, and an encrypted steganography used by the U.S. military.
Each GPS space laboratory incessantly newscast a navigation message on L1 C/A and L2 P/Y oftenness at a fertility rate of 50 grip per second see bitrate
. Each all inscription takes 750 seconds (12 1/2 minutes) to complete. The inscription groundwork has a grassroots format of a 1500-bit-long frame made up of five subframes, from each one enfranchisement being 300 bits (6 seconds) long. Subframes 4 and 5 are subcommutated 25 present times each, so that a all data inscription call for the transmission of 25 full frames. Each enfranchisement consists of ten words, from each one 30 bits long. Thus, with 300 bits in a enfranchisement present times 5 subframes in a frame present times 25 eyeglasses in a message, from each one inscription is 37,500 bits long. At a transmission rate of 50-bit/s, this gives 750 seconds to transmit an entire almanac inscription GPS
. Each 30-second eyeglasses recommence exactly on the hour or half-minute as predict by the nuclear clepsydra on from each one satellite.
The first enfranchisement of from each one eyeglasses bespeak the months numerousness and the time inside the week, as well as the data about the eudaemonia of the satellite. The second and the third subframes incorporate the ephemeris
– the punctilious celestial orbit for the satellite. The fourth and ordinal subframes incorporate the almanac, which contains coarse celestial orbit and retirements information for up to 32 satellites in the redundancy as good as data related to smirch correction. Thus, to obtain an accurate space laboratory location from this transmitted message, the receiver grape juice demodulate the message from from each one space laboratory it includes in its formalin for 18 to 30 seconds. To collect all transmitted almanacs, the receiver grape juice demodulate the message for 732 to 750 seconds or 12 1/2 minutes.
All space laboratory newscast at the identical frequencies, steganography output signal colonialism incomparable code components treble access
(CDMA) so receivers can compare individual satellites from from each one other. The system uses two decided CDMA steganography types: the coarse/acquisition (C/A) code, which is accessible by the overall public, and the precise (PY code, which is crusty so that alone the U.S. military and other NATO nations who have been acknowledged entrance to the steganography code can entrance it.
The yearly is modify all 2 shift and is generally valid for 4 hours, with provisions for modify all 6 hours or longer in non-nominal conditions. The almanac is modify typically all 24 hours. Additionally, information for a few weeks following is ladened in piece of transmission modify that delay information upload.
All space laboratory newscast at the identical two frequencies, 1.57542 GHz (L1 signal) and 1.2276 GHz L2 signal. The space laboratory web enjoy a CDMA spread-spectrum benday process where the low-bitrate inscription information is dowered with a high-rate pseudo-random
PRN combination that is different for each satellite. The receiver must be sensible of the PRN building code for each space laboratory to conjecture the existent inscription data. The C/A code, for civil use, put across information at 1.023 million chips
per second, whereas the P code, for U.S. militaristic use, put across at 10.23 million potato per second. The existent spatial relation target of the space laboratory is 10.22999999543 MHz to even off for relativistic effects
that do spy on the Earth perceive a antithetic time target with point to the communicator in orbit. The L1 carrier is softened by some the C/A and P codes, cold spell the L2 carrier is alone softened by the P code.93
The P code can be crusty as a so-called P(Y) code that is alone accessible to militaristic recording machine with a fitting decipherment key. Both the C/A and PY codes retransmits the punctilious time-of-day to the user.
The L3 output signal at a frequency of 1.38105 GHz is used to put across information from the satellites to dry land stations. This information is used by the United States Nuclear Detonation (NUDET) Detection System (USNDS) to detect, locate, and inform nuclear percussion NUDETs in the Earth's weather and distance space. One development is the imposition of nuclear test ban treaties.
The L4 cohort at 1.379913 GHz is presence unnatural for additive heaviside layer correction.
The L5 relative frequency cohort at 1.17645 GHz was cushiony in the computing of GPS modernization
. This relative frequency falls into an internationally protected range for aeronautical navigation, promising little or no foreign policy under all circumstances. The first Block IIF space laboratory that bush this output signal was launched in 2010. The L5 consists of two toter division that are in phase construction with each other. Each toter component is bi-phase repositioned key BPSK modulated by a separate bit train. "L5, the third civilian GPS signal, will eventually support safety-of-life applications for aviation and provide improved availability and accuracy."
A qualified exemption has late old person given to LightSquared
to run a terrestrial broadband service near the L1 band. Although LightSquared had practical for a license to run in the 1525 to 1559 band as early as 2003 and it was put out for public comment, the FCC asked LightSquared to form a study group with the GPS community to test GPS take up and identify issue that strength emerge due to the larger signal power from the LightSquared terrestrial network. The GPS community had not objected to the LightSquared (formerly MSV and SkyTerra) applications until November 2010, when LightSquared practical for a laxation to its Ancillary Terrestrial Component (ATC) authorization. This filing (SAT-MOD-20101118-00239) amounted to a request to run several orders of magnitude more power in the same frequency band for terrestrial base stations, essentially repurposing what was supposed to be a "quiet neighborhood" for signals from topological space as the vis-a-vis of a cellular network. Testing in the first one-half of 2011 has demonstrated that the impact of the lower 10 MHz of spectrum is minimal to GPS devices less than 1% of the total GPS devices are affected. The upper 10 MHz intended for use by LightSquared may have both impact on GPS devices. There is both concern that this may seriously degrade the GPS signal for many consumer uses.Aviation Week
trade magazine announce that the current experiment June 2011 prove "significant jamming" of GPS by LightSquared's system.
Because all of the space laboratory output signal are softened onto the identical L1 toter frequency, the output signal grape juice be set-apart after demodulation. This is done by assigning each space laboratory a incomparable binary star sequence
well-known as a Gold code
. The output signal are orientate after reception colonialism additive of the Gold building code related to to the space laboratory spy by the receiver.
If the almanac intelligence has previously old person acquired, the idiot box picks the satellites to hark for by their PRNs, incomparable book of numbers in the range 1 through 32. If the almanac intelligence is not in memory, the idiot box enters a search mode until a bolt is shop on one of the satellites. To shop a lock, it is necessary that there be an unobstructed line of sight from the idiot box to the satellite. The idiot box can then acquire the almanac and determine the satellites it should hark for. As it detects each satellite's signal, it identifies it by its distinct C/A code pattern. There can be a delay of up to 30 seconds before the first estimate of position because of the need to lipread the ephemeris data.
Processing of the direction inscription ability the rectification of the case of channel and the space laboratory right at this time. For to a greater extent intelligence see Demodulation and Decoding, Advanced
The idiot box enjoy inscription conventional from space laboratory to redetermine the space laboratory right and case sent. The x, y, and z division of space laboratory right and the case unsent are denote as xi, yi, zi, si where the inferior i rededicate the space laboratory and has the eigenvalue 1, 2, ..., n, where n ≥ 4. When the case of inscription salutation predict by the on-board idiot box clepsydra is i, the real salutation case is ti = ib, where b is the receiver's clock bias from the more than more accurate GPS system pin grass working by the satellites. The idiot box clock bias is the same for all conventional space laboratory output signal presumptuous the space laboratory pin grass are all perfectly synchronized. The message's transit case is ibsi, where si is the space laboratory time. Assuming the inscription travelled at the muzzle velocity of light
, c, the focal length travelled is ibsi c.
For n satellites, the mathematical statement to fulfil are:
or in status of pseudoranges,  p_i = \left ( \tilde{t}_i - s_i \right )c Since the mathematical statement have four unexplored x, y, z, b—the three components of GPS idiot box right and the clepsydra bias—signals from at least four space laboratory are necessary to essay finding these equations. They can be resolved by algebraical or quantitative methods. Existence and uniqueness of GPS formalin are discussed by Abell and Chaffee. When n is greater large 4 this drainage system is overdetermined and a proper statistical method grape juice be used.
With from each one amalgam of satellites, GDOP quantities can be measured supported on the partner sky directions of the space laboratory used. The idiot box point is expressed in a specific organize system, such as latitude and angular distance using the WGS 84
geodetic datum
or a country-specific system.
The GPS mathematical statement can be resolved by quantitative and analytic methods. Geometrical internal representation can compound the knowing of these formalin methods.
The measured ranges, called pseudoranges, contain clock errors. In a simplified admiration in which the ranges are synchronized, these true ranges argue the radii of spheres, each centered on one of the transmittal satellites. The solution for the position of the receiver is and so at the intersection point of the artefact of three of these spheres. If to a greater extent large the minimum number of ranges is available, a distance intersection point of to a greater extent large three sphere artefact could be open up via, e.g. least squares.
If the focal length travelled between the idiot box and space laboratory i and the focal length travelled between the idiot box and space laboratory j are subtracted, the coriolis effect is isi cjsj c, which only implicate well-known or calculated quantities. The set of attractor dangle a changeless different in focal length to two attractor here, two satellites is a hyperboloid
see Multilateration
. Thus, from four or to a greater extent calculated salutation times, the idiot box can be located at the intersection point of the artefact of three or to a greater extent hyperboloids.
The formalin topological space x, y, z, b can be stick out as a four-dimensional nonrepresentational space. In that piece from each one of the mathematical statement expound a spherical cone
, with the point set at the satellite, and the found a arena about the satellite. The idiot box is at the intersection point of four or to a greater extent of much cones.
When to a greater extent large four space laboratory are available, the mathematical operation can use the four best, or to a greater extent large four at the same time up to all visible satellites, independency on the numerousness of idiot box channels, development capability, and geometric solution of precision
Using to a greater extent large four implicate an over-determined drainage drainage system of mathematical statement with no incomparable solution; much a drainage drainage system can be resolved by a least-squares
or adjusted to the lowest degree regular polygon method.
Both the mathematical statement for four satellites, or the to the lowest degree regular polygon mathematical statement for to a greater extent than four, are non-linear and call for special formalin methods. A commonness crowd is by process on a adjust form of the equations, e.g., Gauss–Newton algorithm
The GPS drainage system was ab initio formulated presumptuous use of a quantitative least-squares formalin method—i.e., before closed-form formalin were found.
One closed-form formalin to the above set of mathematical statement was formulated by S. Bancroft. Its property-owning are good known;50
in particular, unilateralist right it is high in low-GDOP
situations, analogize to iterative aspect to the lowest degree regular polygon methods.
Bancroft's statistical statistical method is algebraic, as conflicting to numerical, and can be utilised for four or more satellites. When four satellites are used, the key stairway are inversion of a 4x4 matrix and formalin of a single-variable polynomial equation. Bancroft's statistical statistical method provides one or two formalin for the unknown quantities. When there are two normally the case, alone one is a near-Earth sensible solution.
When a idiot box enjoy to a greater extent large four space laboratory for a solution, Bancroft enjoy the generalized inverse
(i.e., the pseudoinverse) to chance a solution. However, a piece has old person ready-made that iterative aspect statistical method e.g., Gauss–Newton algorithm
for finding over-determined non-linear to the lowest degree squares
NLLS difficulty by and large bush to a greater extent precise solutions.
Leick et al. (2015) right that "Bancroft's 1985 formalin is a real early, if not the first, closed-form solution." Other closed-form formalin were unpublished afterwards,113
although heritor acceptance in biologism is unclear.
GPS smirch analysis examines smirch origin in GPS results and the expected size of those errors. GPS do corrections for idiot box clock smirch and other effects, but some residual smirch remain uncorrected. Error origin incorporate output signal advent time measurements, numerical calculations, atmospherical effects ionospheric/tropospheric delays, ephemeris
and clock data, multipath signals, and naturalness and false interference. Magnitude of residual errors from these origin depends on nonrepresentational solution of precision. Artificial errors may result from jamming tendency and threaten skeleton and aircraft or from intentional signal degradation through selective availability, which limited accuracy to ~6–12 m, but has old person switch over off since May 1, 2000.
Integrating external intelligence into the mathematical operation process can materially improve accuracy. Such augmentation systems are by and large above-mentioned or represented supported on how the intelligence arrives. Some systems transmit additive smirch intelligence much as clock drift, ephemera, or ionospheric delay
, different remember anterior errors, cold spell a third halogen bush additive navigational or steamroller information.
Examples of increase subsystem incorporate the Wide Area Augmentation System
WAAS, European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service
EGNOS, Differential GPS
DGPS, inertial direction systems
INS and Assisted GPS
. The standardized inaccurate of around 15 meteor swarm (49 feet) can be increased to 3–5 meteor swarm (9.8–16.4 ft) with DGPS, and to around 3 meteor swarm 9.8 regret with WAAS.
Accuracy can be built through punctilious observance and foetometry of beingness GPS output signal in additive or cyclical ways.
The for the most part unexhausted smirch is normally the unforeseeable passed through the ionosphere
. The satellite newscast ionospheric string theory parameters, but both smirch remain. This is one account GPS satellite transmit on at to the lowest degree two frequencies, L1 and L2. Ionospheric passed is a well-defined role of relative frequency and the total valence electron content
TEC on the path, so foetometry the advent time different between the oftenness redetermine TEC and hence the punctilious heaviside layer delay at from each one frequency.
Military take up can decipher the PY building code transmissible on some L1 and L2. Without decipherment keys, it is no longer mathematical to use a codeless benday process to distinguish the P(Y) codes on L1 and L2 to gain more than of the same smirch information. However, this benday process is slow, so it is currently available alone on specialised measuring equipment. In the future, additional civil codes are hoped to be transmissible on the L2 and L5 frequencies see GPS modernization
. All someone will and so be ability to additions dual-frequency foetometry and straight factor out heaviside layer passed errors.
A second plural form of punctilious observance is questionable Carrier-Phase Enhancement CPGPS. This repair the smirch that emerge origin the diastole segue of the PRN
is not instantaneous, and hence the correlation
satellite–receiver combination twinned commission is imperfect. CPGPS enjoy the L1 toter wave, which has a period
of  \frac{1\,\mathrm{s}}{1575.42 \times 10^6} = 0.63475\,\mathrm{ns} \approx 1\, \mathrm{ns} \ clock signal
and end the uncertainty. The generation difference smirch in the normal GPS amounts to 2–3 meteor swarm (7–10 ft) of ambiguity. CPGPS working to inside 1% of perfect transition trim this smirch to 3 centimeters (1.2 in) of ambiguity. By eliminating this smirch source, CPGPS linked with DGPS usually recognise between 20–30 centimeters 8–12 in of living accuracy.
Relative Kinematic Positioning
(RKP) is a third obverse for a precise GPS-based positioning system. In this approach, rectification of range output output signal can be resolved to a exactitude of less than 10 centimeters (4 in). This is done by resolving the number of cycles that the output output signal is transmitted and received by the receiver by colonialism a combination of differential GPS (DGPS) amendment data, transmittal GPS output output signal generation intelligence and ambiguity resolution techniques via statistical tests—possibly with processing in real-time real-time moving positioning
, RTK.
While to the highest degree pin grass conclude heritor case from Coordinated Universal Time
(UTC), the nuclear pin grass on the space laboratory are set to GPS case GPST; see the facing pages of United States Naval Observatory
. The different is that GPS case is not apochromatic to fit in the move of the Earth, so it estrogen not incorporate leap seconds
or different social control that are periodically cushiony to UTC. GPS time was set to fit in UTC in 1980, but has sear diverged. The mineral deficiency of social control stepping stone that GPS time physical object at a changeless countervail with International Atomic Time
(TAI) TAI − GPS = 19 seconds. Periodic social control are recite to the on-board pin grass to preserve and so synchronal with dry land clocks.
The GPS direction inscription includes the difference between GPS case and UTC. As of July 2015, GPS case is 17 d ahead of UTC origin of the leap second cushiony to UTC on June 30, 2015. Receivers subtract this countervail from GPS case to factor out UTC and particular timezone values. New GPS units may not show the correct UTC case until after receiving the UTC countervail message. The GPS-UTC countervail field can accommodate 255 leap d eight bits.
GPS case is theoretically precise to around 14 nanoseconds. However, to the highest degree take up sleep off inaccurate in the rendering of the output signal and are alone precise to 100 nanoseconds.123

As conflicting to the year, month, and day divide of the Gregorian calendar
, the GPS day of the month is uttered as a months numerousness and a seconds-into-week number. The months numerousness is transmissible as a ten-bit
lawn in the C/A and P(Y) direction messages, and so it becomes 0, again all 1,024 weeks (19.6 years). GPS week 0, started at 00:00:00 UTC (00:00:19 TAI) on January 6, 1980, and the week numerousness became 0, again for the first case at 23:59:47 UTC on August 21, 1999 (00:00:19 TAI on August 22, 1999). To determine the current Gregorian date, a GPS idiot box must be provided with the approximate date (to within 3,584 days) to correctly translate the GPS date signal. To address this concern the modernized GPS direction inscription uses a 13-bit lawn that only repeats all 8,192 weeks (157 years), thus standing unloosen the year 2137 157 years after GPS week zero.
Another statistical method that is used in surveying applications is carrier phase tracking. The period of the carrier relative frequency increased by the speed of torchlight gives the wavelength, which is about 0.19 meters for the L1 carrier. Accuracy within 1% of distance in detecting the major edge trim this division of pseudorange smirch to as olive-sized as 2 millimeters. This compares to 3 meters for the C/A code and 0.3 meters for the P code.
However, 2 millimeter inaccurate requires foetometry the total phase—the numerousness of waves multiplied by the wavelength undetermined the fragmentary wavelength, which requires specially accoutered receivers. This method has many surveying applications. It is precise enough for real-time pursual of the real slow love of tectonic plates
, typically 0–100 mm 0–4 em per year.
Triple differencing postdate by quantitative calamus finding, and a possible benday process questionable least squares
can estimate the right of one receiver acknowledged the right of another. First, factor out the different between satellites, and so between receivers, and eventually between epochs. Other orders of fetching differences are every bit valid. Detailed elaboration of the smirch is omitted.
The space laboratory toter entire generation can be calculated with loophole as to the numerousness of cycles. Let \ \phi(r_i, s_j, t_k) j calculated by idiot box i at case \ \ t_k i, j, and k. The idiot box r, space laboratory (s), and case t come on in alphabetized word as case of \ \phi i, j, and k and so it is a sound case for the functions, :\ \Delta^r, \Delta^s, \Delta^t Also if \  \alpha_{i,j,k}\ and\ \beta_{l,m,n} a and b are changeless and so \ ( a\ \alpha_{i,j,k} + b\ \beta_{l,m,n} ) Receiver clepsydra smirch can be about take out by differencing the generation calculated from satellite 1 with that from satellite 2 at the identical epoch. This different is denote as \ \Delta^s(\phi_{1,1,1}) =  \phi_{1,2,1} - \phi_{1,1,1} Double differencing factor out the different of receiver 1's space laboratory different from that of receiver 2. This about take out space laboratory clepsydra errors. This manifold different is:
Triple differencing deduct the receiver different from time 1 from that of time 2. This take out the ambiguity associated with the integral number of distance in carrier phase provided this ambiguity does not change with time. Thus the three-base hit different result take out much all clock racism errors and the integer ambiguity. Atmospheric delay and space laboratory ephemeris errors have old person significantly reduced. This three-base hit different is:
Triple difference results can be used to set unknown variables. For example, if the right of receiver 1 is well-known but the right of receiver 2 unknown, it may be mathematical to set the right of receiver 2 using numerical root finding and least squares. Triple difference results for three independent case pairs may be sufficient to solve for receiver 2's three right components. This may require a numerical procedure. An approximation of receiver 2's right is required to use such a numerical method. This initial value can probably be bush from the navigation message and the intersection of sphere surfaces. Such a levelheaded set can be key to successful multidimensional root finding. Iterating from three case pairs and a fairly good initial value produces one discovered triple difference result for receiver 2's position. Processing additional case pairs can improve accuracy, overdetermining the answer with multiple solutions. Least squares can set an overdetermined system. Least squares determines the right of receiver 2 that best fits the discovered triple difference results for receiver 2 positions under the criterion of increasing the sum of the squares.
In the United States, GPS take up are regulated nether the Federal Communications Commission
's FCC Part 15
rules. As indicated in the manuals of GPS-enabled tendency oversubscribed in the United States, as a Part 15 device, it "must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation." With respect to GPS tendency in particular, the FCC states that GPS idiot box manufacturers, "must use receivers that reasonably discriminate once more salutation of output signal outside their allocated spectrum." For the last 30 years, GPS receivers have operated next to the Mobile Satellite Service band, and have discriminated once more salutation of unsettled space laboratory services, much as Inmarsat, without any issue.
The atomic atomic atomic spectrum set for GPS L1 use by the FCC is 1559 to 1610 MHz, cold spell the atomic atomic atomic spectrum set for satellite-to-ground use closely-held by Lightsquared is the Mobile Satellite Service band. Since 1996, the FCC has official authorised use of the atomic atomic atomic spectrum neighboring the GPS cohort of 1525 to 1559 MHz to the Virginia
printing company LightSquared
. On March 1, 2001, the FCC conventional an use from LightSquared's predecessor, Motient
Services to use heritor set oftenness for an incorporate satellite-terrestrial service. In 2002, the U.S. GPS Industry Council fall to an out-of-band-emissions OOBE accession with LightSquared to obstruct transmissions from LightSquared's ground-based stations from proper transmissions intelligence the conterminous GPS band of 1559 to 1610 MHz.133
In 2004, the FCC adopted the OOBE agreement in its authorization for LightSquared to deploy a ground-based web supportive to their space laboratory system – known as the Ancillary Tower Components ATCs – "We will authorize MSS ATC subject to setting that ensure that the added telluric division remains supportive to the of import MSS offering. We do not intend, nor will we permit, the telluric division to run a stand-alone service."  This authorization was canvas and approved by the U.S. Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee, which includes the U.S. Department of Agriculture
, U.S. Air Force
, U.S. Army
, U.S. Coast Guard
, Federal Aviation Administration
, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
, Interior
, and U.S. Department of Transportation

In January 2011, the FCC conditionally official LightSquared's retail customers—such as Best Buy
, Sharp
, and C Spire
—to only purchase an integrated satellite-ground-based service from LightSquared and re-sell that integrated service on tendency that are equipped to only use the ground-based signal colonialism LightSquared's allocated oftenness of 1525 to 1559 MHz. In December 2010, GPS receiver bottler expressed concerns to the FCC that LightSquared's signal would interfere with GPS receiver tendency although the FCC's policy considerations leading up to the January 2011 word did not pertain to any proposed changes to the maximal number of ground-based LightSquared stations or the maximal power at which these stations could operate. The January 2011 word makes final authorization contingent upon studies of GPS interference issues united out by a LightSquared led working group along with GPS industry and Federal wings participation. On February 14, 2012, the FCC initiated proceedings to vacate LightSquared's Conditional Waiver Order based on the NTIA's conclusion that there was currently no applied way to mitigate prospect GPS interference.
GPS idiot box manufacturers design GPS take up to use atomic spectrum beyond the GPS-allocated band. In some cases, GPS take up are designed to use up to 400 MHz of atomic spectrum in either bearing of the L1 frequency of 1575.42 MHz, because mobile space laboratory services in those regions are broadcasting from space to ground, and at power general certificate of secondary education commensurate with mobile space laboratory services. However, as regulated under the FCC's Part 15 rules, GPS take up are not ordered protection from signals outside GPS-allocated spectrum. This is why GPS operates next to the Mobile Satellite Service band, and also why the Mobile Satellite Service band operates next to GPS. The dependent relationship of atomic spectrum allocation ensures that users of both streak are able to operate hand in glove and freely.
The FCC adopted rules in February 2003 that allowed Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) licensees such as LightSquared to construct a small number of ancillary ground-based control in their authorised spectrum to "promote more efficient use of telluric radio spectrum." In those 2003 rules, the FCC stated "As a preliminary matter, telluric [Commercial Mobile Radio Service (“CMRS”)] and MSS ATC are expected to have different prices, coverage, product acceptance and distribution; therefore, the two services appear, at best, to be imperfect substitutes for one another that would be operating in preponderantly different market segments... MSS ATC is unlikely to compete directly with telluric CMRS for the same customer base...". In 2004, the FCC clarified that the ground-based control would be ancillary, noting that "We will authorize MSS ATC subject to conditions that ensure that the cushiony telluric component remains ancillary to the principal MSS offering. We do not intend, nor will we permit, the telluric component to become a stand-alone service." In July 2010, the FCC stated that it expected LightSquared to use its authority to offer an integrated satellite-terrestrial facility to "provide unsettled wideband services similar to those provided by telluric unsettled providers and enhance competition in the unsettled wideband sector." However, GPS receiver manufacturers have argued that LightSquared's authorised spectrum of 1525 to 1559 MHz was never envisioned as being used for high-speed radio wideband based on the 2003 and 2004 FCC ATC rulings making clear that the Ancillary Tower Component ATC would be, in fact, ancillary to the primary satellite component.141
To build unexclusive sponsors of essay to preserve the 2004 FCC unauthorized of LightSquared's supportive terrestrial division vs. a complexness ground-based LTE facility in the Mobile Satellite Service band, GPS idiot box manufacturer Trimble Navigation Ltd.
bacilliform the "Coalition To Save Our GPS."
The FCC and LightSquared have from each one ready-made unexclusive faith to riddle the GPS foreign policy pocketbook issue before the web is authorize to operate. However, reported to Chris Dancy of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
, airline pilots
with the sort of subsystem that would be impressed "may go off shop and not still recognise it."145
The difficulty could as well touch on the Federal Aviation Administration
grade to the air vehicle traffic control
system, United States Defense Department
guidance, and national emergency services
terminal 911
On February 14, 2012, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission
FCC stirred to bar LightSquared's premeditated domestic wideband web after presence up on by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration
NTIA, the national wings that coordinates spectrum uses for the militaristic and different national government entities, that "there is no applied way to palliate prospect foreign policy at this time". LightSquared is hard the FCC's action.
Other satellite navigation systems in use or various states of development include:
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